Land of Calgwin™ Beta Migration Update!

LOC Official MV Migration Update

Land of Calgwin™ Beta ‘The Migration Update’ has officially released and here is the change-log!


1. Migrated from RPG Maker VX Ace to RPG Maker MV.

2. Better optimization of game.

3.  A sideview battle-system for better battling experience!

4. Improved Class skills.

5. Resolution now set to 16:9 ratio.

6. Full-screen enabled. Press F4.

7. Added a Quest-Journal System.

8. Improved graphics.

9. Customizable Controls! Now you can customize your controls by going to the Options Menu.

10. Balanced the Actor/Enemy Levels.


To download Land of Calgwin™ Beta 1.1b:

For Windows: click here

For Mac OSX: click here

Copyright©2018 by Waseef Muhammad Khan. All Rights Reserved.

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