Land of Calgwin Beta 1.1b Update!

With the end of August comes the latest update of Land of Calgwin™ Beta! This is the ‘Migration Update’, where the programming software is facing a big change, migrating from RPG Maker VX Ace to RPG Maker MV! While the story is similar, the gameplay has immensely changed. More detail in the Migration Update Changelog which will release 31st August, 2018.

Land of Calgwin™ Beta 1.1b is releasing! To know when it releases, click here(For Windows) or click here(for Mac OSX)

Please note that this game is being developed by a beginner developer and bugs may occur. To report bugs, click here or go to the Contact Page and contact Waseef Muhammad Khan.

Copyright©2018 by Waseef Muhammad Khan. All Rights Reserved.

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