Land of Calgwin™ Beta 1.1.1 Update!

Due to many bugs, Land of Calgwin™ has updated to Beta 1.1.1 and here is the change-log!


  • Improvements:

1.  Spellblade class can now equip Magic Robes.

2. Creatures in Azalea Forest will now drop potions/ antidotes.

3. Chests can now be found in Azalea Forest.

4. Change the Weapon Shopkeeper’s name to ‘Weapon Smith‘.

5. Change the MP cost of the skill: Instant Healing.

  • Bug Fixes:

1. Fixed an installation bug which causes the user cannot save.

2. Fixed a bug where the player starts with less than full health.

3. Fixed the two guards on the right blocking the Daylight Town Exit who said “you are allowed to pass”.

4. Fixed the accuracy rate of the party member, Dane to have an 80% chance to hit twice. Now he will only hit once.

5. Fixed a Battleback issue where when you fight the green-haired battler just beside the Training Island Inn, it shows a ‘failed to load’ error.

6. Fixed the bug where you couldn’t sleep in your own bed.

7. Fixed a grammatical error message.

8. Fixed a bug in the Azalea Forest where there was a hill wall shining.

9. The skill ‘Magic Barrier’ cannot be used outside of battle anymore.

10. The Warrior Skill, Berserker’s Roar will now appear in the skill list, when                     learnt.

11. Fixed the dialogue of the player in Daylight Castle where it cut’s off half of the message.

                              ~End of Changelog~

Thanks to Nirwanda for reporting all the bug fixes.

Check out Nirwanda’s games

If you want to get Land of Calgwin™ Beta 1.1.1, click the following link respective to your Operating System:

For Mac OSX

For Windows



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