Land of Calgwin™


1000 years ago, the three kingdoms in the land of Calgwin were ambushed by the army of the Underworld, known as the Twelfth Legion Incendium, led by the Demon King: Grifter. The kingdoms were on the verge of being decimated, but the three kingdoms formed an alliance by which they triumphed by killing Grifter and just managed to push the legion to retreat permanently, or so they thought.

A prophecy had been foretold that the legion would rise again, stronger than ever with the Immortal Leader. 

That was 1000 years ago, now is the present. You are Hiro, a jolly guy on his first mission as a soldier for the Kingdom of Adalia which is currently under the rule of King Raphael(who is possibly THE WORST KING IN THE HISTORY OF ADALIA,  but alas). Things are very much modern, but the people like to keep it traditional and have built no modern buildings whatsoever.  Now it’s your job to serve the people and preserve peace,  just like everyone else!

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