Mega-Bug Smashing Update

Mega-Bug Smashing Update Changelog (1-March-2020) • Game-Breaking Ship Entrance bug. The automated event prevented moving onto the Ship at Adalia City Dock, breaking the game. • Game-Breaking Bug on Entering the Waterfall Forest of Zulia. Fixed • No enemies spawned in the Forest of Azalea. • Auto-save improvements. • Character sprite bug fix: Wrong character … Continue reading Mega-Bug Smashing Update

Games out on Indie DB!

Land of Calgwin™ Beta Windows and Deserter are out on Indie DB! I've done some research and have decided to branch out to other game distribution websites. At the moment I have decided on Indie DB. Indie DB is the independent games site: News, downloads and media direct from the developers.  Check out the games:  Land … Continue reading Games out on Indie DB!